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Lifestyle Links

Angelfish Breeding:
A gallery of photos relating to the breeding and spawning of Angelfish

Art of Maryann Thomas
Beautiful watercolors based on the artist's travels in Europe.

The Art of John Dietz
Craftsmanship, accuracy and attention to detail are the hallmarks of John Dietz's oil paintings.

East Texas Triathletes
This  site is dedicated to the Tyler area multi-sport athlete and triathlete.  One can find workouts, suggested gear, photos, and calendars assisting beginning, intermediate, and accomplished  triathletes. 

Duke Gill Enterprises
We specialize in creating custom designed, clean, no frills, classic web sites for your event, club, church, or business.

Gene Gill Miniatures
Classmate Gene Gill creates one-of-a-kind miniature models of historical landmark buildings and monuments from around the world.  The average height of his replicas is 4 inches.

Gene Gill Paintings from the 70's
In the 70's Gene Gill painted abstract designs on several layers of clear plastic. 

Gene Gill Travel Guides
Excellent free downloads of worldwide tourist information in pocketbook format.

Historic Memphis
This website is dedicated to Memphis - in particular all the historical landmarks that the city has carelessly demolished over the years.  Many vintage photos and postcards.

Historic London:  A Tourist's Guide for London 
A tourist guide for the independent traveler, featuring lots of photos of the historic sites of London. 

Memphis Tech High Alumni
This web site is dedicated to Memphis Tech High School as a meeting place for all alumni of this historic school.   Senior Photos and Rosters for EVERY class are now posted.  Updated daily.

Memphis Tech High Class of 1950
The official Class of 1950 website, featuring photos and Current News about classmates.

Memphis Tech High Class of 1951
The official Class of 1951 website, featuring LOTS of photos and Current News about classmates.

Paris in June:  A Tourist's Guide to Paris
 A first-rate site full of photos and tourist information about ALL the attractions in the "City of Lights".

Shogry Automotive
 A complete foreign and domestic auto repair service in Tyler, Texas.

Washington DC:  A Travel Guide for the U.S. Capitol
 A tourist's guide to Washington DC,  featuring extensive photographs and tourist information for all  the major attractions in the Capitol.